My Rust Runs Painfuly Slow, HELP!!!

I play a few games which are fairly memory and CPU heavy, and can run them at 30fps at very least, But when I play Rust there is major input lag and I get around 5fps, even if i turn all graphics options down there is no difference what so ever. I even tried to change my Internet browser from firefox to Opera (allegedly a more cpu friendly browser) and again, found no difference. Anyone have a similar problem or know a solution to my problem? I cannot wait until the game ceases to be browser based.

What are your specs?

I made rust run at the lowest resolution, and my windows the same resolution I set on rust (kinda ugly). Then I just ran fullscreen on rust and it helped me gain at least 10-15 fps.

Rust works fine with 40 fps for me, so you most likely either have:
A - A Linux or Mac, I heard Rust doesn’t support those two very well
B - A low RAM/Crappy Processor
C - An old PC

I got 6GB Ram 2.4 GHz Processor (Intel i5) Nvidia 610 series and i get 20-30/40 fps

Hmm, I forget how to check my specs…
I mean, computer properties says I have Intel Core i7-3517U CPU @1.90GHz 2.40 GHz
I’ve got 4.00 GB RAM (3.87 GB usable)
A x64 bit operating system and x64 based processor, but I remember that it had a really good Radeon something, for some reason it doesn’t mention it here. Quite sure there was an application for that…