My Rust server is in Force shutdown from high CPU usage.

i rented a server from “Multiplay” servers i believe, apparently in the light of this new update the game is useing massive ammounts of CPU and our server was shutdown and will not restart?. Da Faq. anyone else had this problem.

This is the message on there clanforge.

“Unfortunately the new Rust build is having major CPU issues, we’re in contact with the developers to alert them of the problem. In the mean time please bear with us as your server is likely to be automatically shutdown due to excessive CPU use :(”

There is supposed to be a patch shortly to fix it

Man, it literally tells you what the problem is. What are you asking? Yes, mine is doing the exact same thing - as are an overwhelming majority of the servers. My CPU Usage spiked to 107% before shutdown.

Woozle i’m asking if other server hosting places are getting the same thing or if the guys we have rented though don’t have adequate hardware for what we are paying.