My Rust Suggestions and Complaints

(((Before I start off, I would like to say that I am not trying to start any fights, and I am not looking to get banned. I am sorry if any of my opinions contradict with yours.)))

Hi, I bought Rust a while back ago, and when I first played it I wasn’t really that into it honestly. The game didn’t run too smoothly, very laggy and lots or multiplayer problems. So I abandoned it for probably a week and came back to it. I started playing again and got hooked on it. I literally think I have played 50+ hours in the past week, Lol. Great game, seriously.


My first complaint is that the game doesn’t run very smoothly. I have exceptional specs. I can run games like DayZ, Gta IV, and Farming Sim 2013 fine, but for some reason this game just chokes my computer to death. I guess maybe it just isn’t fully optimized for PC yet, I don’t know.

Next up on the list, which is a very common complaint, is the obvious overcrowded PVP servers. You spawn, you run, you smack a tree with a rock, then a guy with no pants on dickslaps you. Literally. You are running around and get gunned down by an m4 or mp5, and for what? I guess they wanted a rock, or maybe my torch. Who know? I don’t have a problem with PVP, as a matter of fact I enjoy PVP, but too much of a good thing is a bad thing in all cases.

Guns are WAY too easy to get. I’ve got an idea! Lets go punch this rock with our rock, get some metal, put it on this here fire and… BOOM shotgun. I think I’ve made my point.

Other than that, I really don’t have any other complaints.


LET ME BUILD IN RADIATED AREAS :frowning: I want to wall off Little Rad so me and my friends can rule it! :D! Please add this in, it would add so many more hours of gameplay.

Realistic gun physics! Bullet drop! Travel time! Difficulty! This may also help combat the PVP issue.

More handmade guns, like the hand cannon, pipe shotty and revolver.

Less military grade weapons, like the pistols, m4 and mp5, and the bolt action.

More ways to defend your house! Turrets! Traps! Anything to keep players from sticking c4 on my damn wall XD

Easier ways to get wood and stone! So you know how you can always get wood from trees? You should be able to get stone, sulfur ore and metal ore from ore veins in mountains! Skyrim for the win! Also, maybe trees could fall? That would be cool.

Vehicles! Tanks! Hell yeah! Maybe vehicles would require like a garage or something to craft. They could run off of low qual fuel, or high quality fuel which could be added to the game.

LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOT! All the loot spawns are so close together, and once you get near the edges of the map, there is no more loot! Please spread them out a bit more!

More NPCs! Horses! Cows! Goats! And more hostile mobs too, like coyotes and snakes and stuff. Also maybe add fishing! That would add a lot of hours of play time, and why not add birds too?

More depth to the map! Caves! Tunnels! More of a post-apocalyptic feel you know, make like a big city. Buildings falling apart, grass everywhere from decay over time, sewers which you can go in, you know.

Water! Add a water and thirst bar in the game! Also add bodies of water like ponds and oceans! There could be salt and fresh water, salt water would have to be boiled or something. This could also bring in fishing and swimming! And boats! :smiley:

Farming! Farming has always been a great way to keep a good source of food in survival games.

More attachments! Sniper scopes, red dot sights, ACOG sights, drum mags, extended mags, banana clips, taped mags, hybrid sights, bipods, zoom scopes, speed reloader for the revolver, stocks, GRIPSSSS, and maybe even heavy barrels! Also, there could be homemade attachments like pillow silencers or other things like that. There could even be like weapon-specific attachments.

Customization! Character customization, weapon customization, paints and dyes, things like that.

MAPS! I’m not saying they would have to show you your position, but it could atleast give you an overview of things.

More melee weapons, and more advanced tools. Hammers, chainsaws, saws, shovels, hoes (for farming and balling), sickles (also for farming), swords and knives, spears, javelins, etc.


Well thats pretty much it, like I said, not trying to start any fights or anythings. If you disagree or think I should add or remove something, please comment below in a rather “civilized manner”. Constructive Criticism right?


Add going prone! It would make stealth, sniping and raiding a lot more fun and realistic.

You forgot a poll option of who the hell makes a poll to ask if people agree with their TLDR post from a brand new facepunch account with one post that feels he needs to come into the forums to express what HIS idea of this game should be.

Cause thats the option I would have selected.

More then anything though I just REALLY hate people that make a poll asking if they agree with what you stated, you do not need a poll for that people will either check mark agree, dumb or tell you to GTFO like I am doing. That IS your poll.

all of this is completely irrelevant anyway considering there is no development for Rust currently

Thanks your feedback. I know I am new on forums, but I am most certainly not new to Rust, and I actually did post an option to disagree with me, it is the bottom two. I will change that to make it more obvious anyways. However, I was just putting my opinions on the forums, which I believe I have a right to, and like I said, I’m not trying to start any fights. So please, we can be civilized. Thanks for replying, anyways.

way too many contradictions for me

How so? Because I said more handmade and less military grade? I can understand the confusion, I guess.

I want to be able to log off knowing my stuff won’t be raided. It’s a game. When we disconnect, we don’t want to stress over what is happening in the game. This defeats one of the purposes of playing in a virtual world.

Great idea, however it isn’t an idea that is accepted by most people in the community.

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because you wanted more handmade guns and less military grade weapons then you ask for a tank which on its own is hugely military and then hi-tech military attachments such as ACOG and red dot sights

hehe that is kinda funny :smiley:

Just because there are less military grade weapons doesnt mean there aren’t any… They would just be hard to get.

I feel the weapons need to be more rudimentary and less military based, after all it is a survival game.

I would also like to see the ability to defend your home from raiders with booby traps and mines. Make the raiders think twice about the risks. C4 is way to easy to get and way to powerful making raiding far too rewarding for little effort.

Metal houses should take way more effort to get into than wooden structures and make the extra work and effort put into their construction pay off.

From what I’ve read on Rust’s Trello page/recent update notes/the item editor website, *most *of these things are in development or on the list for development. (Both bugfixes and content)

4 c4 per wall is plenty unless you don’t know how to construct a really good base