My Rust UI Is Fucked?

So yesterday I decided to take a well needed day off of rust, as I seem to play it way too often.

So anyway, when I turned my computer on today and loaded rust, once I’ve gotten to the menus I’ve realised that my UI has gone completely spastic. to press on the server tab I literally have to move the mouse past the “quit” button, to press on the server list?

I haven’t changed any settings on neither the game or my computer since I last played rust, so I don’t see how or why this has happened?

Also while in game it is extremely, and I repeat extremely hard to do anything in my inventory or in a furnace ect. as before I can move anything or put anything in my hot bar. As I have to spend 5 minutes working out where to press?

This small UI bug, has made the game completely unplayable for me. (on the plus side, I have noticed a slight increase in frames? but that’s irrelevant)

I have been playing rust for nearly a year now and I have never had any troubles with the game at all performance wise. I can take most bugs/glitches on the chin as I know the games still in alpha. but this UI bug has fucked the whole game for me.

If anyone knows a fix, or has any idea what has happened, any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thank You.

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Wow, never mind this post.

It seems rust decided to start up in 1366x768 resolution. instead of 1680x1050 resolution which it should start in.