My S&box physgun concept

i’ve been really interested in helping out a game somehow, but i’m not really an expert at technical stuff like coding, just visuals like modeling and concept art-ing?, anyway i wanted to share an idea i made for s&box

it’s a original design for a physics gun! it’s inspired by the tool gun in garry’s mod, it’s made from random scrap objects, i’ve also been working on a 3d model (still a wip)
hope y’all like it and feel free to share some ideas to help me out<3


Looks interesting. The Batterx is clunky though. Normally you wouldnt place so much stuff at the end of a gun, as that would make it too heavy to lift properly.
Maybe add some coils with iron cores as electromagnets and place the battery at the handle. Right now it looks a bit unshaped. Shotgun is quite small and unbalanced.

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