My Sad PHP app that wakes me up if there is a beta key up for grabs.

I have had the worst luck getting a key. I’m always either asleep or afk.


I developed a PHP application that scans the html source of and checks if there is a beta code up for grabs.

If there is , It alerts me by playing VERY loud music :D.

If you have not had anyluck getting a code then you can use it too at :

I really hope I get a key now :/.

How it works:

The PHP script uses curl to grab the html source of It then scans for how many codes are there if there is more than 0 it returns true. It has a 3 step verification system because I always ended up getting false positives during testing.
If after all 3 stages of Verification it still detects that there is still a code. It plays loud music.

Known Bugs:

If is down it will not work and always return true. - Will fix in 10 mins or so.

Also I didn’t know which section to put this in , Either php or garrysmod discussion .

People are this desperate for a key?

It reminds me a bit of that guy who coded a program so if a GMod 13 code was posted in the Surge chatroom, it would automatically enter and register the code within a second. :v:

I am considering I speant the last 3 months developing a gamemode and want to release it very soon.

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Hmm , That gives me an idea :<

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Darn it , I was too slow even with this :stuck_out_tongue:

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