My scars do not work properly

I tried to install scar on the server while it was like new there was nothing on it, but the scar did not advance like in this video:https:

The addon link:

The only written trace that gives me this concern is this:

Created: Fri Jan 6 15:59:11 2017

Fri Jan 6 15:46:51 2017|SCar Error| StabiliserOffset wasn’t valid. This is normal. Solving…

Fri Jan 6 15:47:11 2017|SCar Error| Could not spawn SCar for an unknown reason!

comes from this folder: “garrysmod/data/scar_errorlog_sv.txt”

Tell me what you think about it. I repeat the server had no addon that the, datas and configurations CFG, in short ALL had been reset.
We have already warned the creator:
For information i’m on mtxserv.