My Scenebuilding 101 steam guide and some various scenebuilds/poses I've been working on

Hi guys,
My steam guide for scenebuilding as been building popularity with steam users, (and yes, I know that the Steam Community and particularly the Gmod community is mainly comprised of six year olds) so I figured I’d post it here. I cover the basics of scenebuilding, so it probably isn’t going to help any of you legends here.
But if anyone here wants to start scenebuilding, or improve on scenebuilding, then I guess I’ll leave it here. :eng101:
In case any of you here don’t want to click on it, I have content (which is in the guide anyway) which I guess I’ll post up.

Ghosts of World War II[/thumb]

Up There!


They are Watching… (In this image there are five hidden Ghost People from Fallout. If you give up, look at the cheat link underneath, which has them all with glowing eyes.)


Feel free to use this thread to criticise my work.
Thanks to Joazzz cause he inspires me, and Aurora93 for giving me a reason to make my own HUD :v:

you know you’re good when you still inspire someone although you haven’t done jack shit in the past five months

i should probably do a tut on scenebuilding as soon as i have a working PC. God knows when that is…

The tutorial is nice, although you might want to showcase some of the best scenebuilds, like the ones Joazzz and Ubranator made. They got the concept down pretty well, combining gmod with photoshop.

Examples of good scenebuilds shouldn’t have any outside work done on them. The Mask’s work would make more sense. People shouldn’t feel like they have to use Photoshop to make a good scenebuild or picture because they don’t.

That’s like saying that not all movies need to be edited to be great. Imagine the hobbit without CGI. Photoshop, while not required, can add a lot of meaning to your scenebuild. The lighting might be bland, or you just might not be able to get the scale you wanted without it.

For example (please don’t think I’m using my pictures as examples to show off, they’re just examples), my scenebuilds use little photoshop, but if I didn’t use it, the sky city picture would look a hella lot shittier than it currently does.[/t][t][/t][t]

And if you think photoshop isn’t always required, you’d be sadly mistaken. Joazzz’s demon rock picture was on a much larger scale than could be done in regular Garry’s Mod, and he wouldn’t have the grand look of it without it.

Your posing skills in-game suck if you can’t make anything good without editing. And no, not every movie needs CGI. Bringing up examples of when you need it doesn’t mean now everything needs it.

Try again.

like minilandstan, ill post some scenebuilds that we put hard work and time into.
here are some scene builds mainly done without the run of the mill skyrim props and RNL props,FO3, etc. take note, and search the best you can for different models, keep up to date with norpo.
** try to diversify you’re environments!**
just as minilandstan these are examples!

Either I said it wrong or you misinterperated what I said. I mean, photoshop (or in my example, CGI) can add a large amount of depth to a picture or movie. Small scale things can do fine without it, but again, try to imagine Star Wars or the Hobbit, entire movies based off of CGI to help it look amazing in certain areas, without CGI. It doesn’t mean they’re bad at making movies, it means that they are going for a larger scale than is avalible to them without it. You don’t always have access to maps, textures, or props that are needed in scenebuilds, thus it’s called a scenebuild. It doesn’t make it a bad scenebuild if they need to use photoshop, it means that they’re A) Willing to take more time and effort into making it look nice, and B) They’re going for more than is relatively avalible within the regular constraints of gmod. The source engine isn’t super beautiful like Crytec’s cryengine, or the new Unreal Engine (4 I believe, maybe 5), so photoshop can make it look larger and better.

Scenebuilds one love![/t]

pretty good tutorial you’ve got there, but i actually against in-game editing (except fog and DoF). Photoshop or Gimp has much more options to edit image in a lot of ways. It’s like editing photo within camera tools instead of using computer software.

Of all the options you can choose to use, whether it be in-game editing, PS, GIMP, whatever, any one of them can be used to make an image that looks nice - that’s why the choice is irrelevant, because when you finally make that perfect picture that you’re totally satisfied with, it doesn’t matter how you made it, so long as you made it and you’re happy with it. It’s all about the end product, not the techniques you use to make it.

Sorry for the bump, but thanks for the positive comments :slight_smile:
I’ll gladly add some scenebuilds by other people, but I’d like they’re permission first. Perhaps if you have a scenebuild you made and would like me to add, just post it here?
I’ll also add a section for community tips, so if you have a tip, just put it here and I’ll be sure to add it in.
Also (slightly) unrelated, but people are being sort of annoying. Some guy just added me and started idolising me. Literally ‘the moment I saw your work I fell in love’
I’m not even that good. Advice? He wants to do a scenebuild with me.

Sounds sexy.