My scopes are crazy!

So i have a problem in Garrysmod where whenever i use a scope in a weapon it moves by itself and just goes off in a random direction or going around in wierd paths. i want to know how to fix this please. Thanks in advance.

If by moving in wierd paths you mean it slowly turning around? Thats sometimes added to boost realism, as in real life you dont have a 100% steady hand.

Yes but i want to get rid of it. I do not know what caused itor why but i dont like it

Download a different pack of scoped weapons.

at least make a button where you can hold your breath

Learn Lua. Do it yourself. It’s not hard.

i shalnt for my over 30 snipers


short for shall not :stuck_out_tongue:

shall not = shan’t

Can anyone make a fix, or find one? I can’t snipe combines if i cant aim right!

the aggro sniper doesnt do tht, i 4get wat pack its in but it is perfectly steady, accurate too. when u 1st equip it it mite already be on scope, u have to reload to go to normal

yeah any sniper with a css scope is steady but som still move and they didnt before.