My screen goes to "No Signal" and my mates crashes to desktop with a video-driver error since the last update.

See title.

Also this has started happening after the last update, before that I could play normally…
I think it might have to do something with the latest update with the extra graphical function, but I’m not sure.
Anyhow, anyone else having this problem?

I have had a similar problem for about two months. before that I played normally.
but now when I play, the fps drop to 1, then the image freezes or the game crashes.
my “solution” (although I’m avoiding to play, given the bad state of the optimization and performance of servers) is to start with DirectX9 and in Window mode.
the difference is: when fps drop to 1, the screen freezes for 4/5 seconds, a message of Windows in the bottom right corner says "the display driver has stopped working and has recovered "… all colors become darker, but the game doesn’t crash…and I can continue to play this game of shit. (if no one shot me in those 4/5 seconds)
in a few minutes, it is likely that “elixwhitetail” will tag your post as “dumb” or he will tell you that the problem is YOUR antivirus, or probably YOUR computer has overheating problems, or he might insult you.

I have a video card NVIDIA (GTX 670) with the latest drivers installed. (i tried many different drivers)
I tried the game on Windows 8.1 and Windows 10.
intel core i5
8gb ram
the game is installed on a hard drive Samsung SSD.