My screen is prue black and text is gone when I start Gmod? HELP!

Heres what I do in order:

  1. Click PLAY on Garry’s Mod (most recent version)
  2. The screen of the guy in the grass.
  3. Blue loading bar.
  5. I can hear text when I move my mouse over the categories.
  6. I click on Exit and it has a pop up window in gray background. With NO TEXT ON IT AT ALL!
  7. I click on the empty button that I know is the exit button.

It does that EVERY time I click PLAY on Garry’s Mod.

If you can help with this make sure to give me a numbered list in good grammar and order to fix this problem.

I would really love to play Gmod again.
Thank you if you can help me!

Provide a working link to your account.

Try running in a window?

Hit shift tab its a instant fix.