My Screenshots: Clan pics, ones I made for Shts&Gigs

I’m told that I’m pretty good at making Screenshot’s so I decided to just post them on here.
These are just screenshot’s I’ve taken for the Clan I’m in, Escape From Reality, and ones I’ve made in my spare time.
Tell me what you think if you’d like.

[Note: I’m trying to learn DropBox, so until I do, I’ll post the link to the Folder. xD]'s%20Mod%20Screenshots?h=24caae

They are all a little below decent, you may want to turn up your graphics, but I like the lighting in quite a few of them.

Protip: never do pictures for “shits and giggles”, you will get flamed for it.

These aren’t too bad, but you need to work on some things like the posing. Also, remember to turn up your graphics and anti-aliasing before you take the shot, so it doesn’t look all ugly and shiz. PSS, turn off dat bloom yo.

Alright, thanks for the opinion. But just to be sure, are we talking about the graphics in the ToolMenu, or in the Graphics Settings in the Pause Menu?

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Thanks for the Tip, and I’ll go try to find those. I appreciate it.

In the pause menu, go to video settings and advanced. In their should be the settings you’d want to change to high. :smile:

Alright. that’s makes since. Though I think my Laptops Defualt i Medium… but It can deal for the sake of my screenshots. :smiley: