My script doesn't work (Info when YouAreInSpawn)


I wish I had a message when players go to the spawn area but it does not work !

Can you help me in my script ?, i’m not a pro coder Lua.

    hook.Add("Think","YouAreInSpawn",function( )
        for I,E in pairs(ents.FindInBox(Vector(645, -890, -137),Vector(1113, 784, 56))) do
			draw.WordBox( 8, 5, ScrH() / 2, "YouAreInSpawn ! ", "Default", Color(255,100,100,200), Color(255,255,255,255))

Ty !

any errors? or just simply doesn’t detect you?

No error just doesn’t work …

Use the HUDPaint hook, not think.

It’s ok but i want just in SPWAN…

you can either serverside send to client when he enters the spawn area, and send again when he leaves, or you can do it fully clientside, but it would probably be smarter to make something with brush(not sure how it works but I know you can do something like that), using think there constantly seems unecessary, better to do something with touch