my second edit xdd

look den r&c ploxxxxx

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this is first one!!:pcgaming:

Please stop typing like a 12 year old so I can compliment your work.

expected something horrible from the title

was pleasantly surprised


Wanted to rate dumb because of the title but the picture changed my opinion. Looks nice.

Alright. :saddowns:

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Wait a min, just fixing the lighting in the gas mask.

Came expecting to give a 12 year old a stern talking to.

Was pleasantly surprised.

Here, have this piece of wood with paint on it.


And the pic is pretty dang cool. I like what you did with the beams of light shining through the dust and smoke.

Yeah, that’s a nice effect. The rest seem kinda overdone, though - use smoke and muzzleflashes in moderation.

I just saw that you put the muzzle flash in the first image backwards.


misleading thread title ban op

Mother fucker… I was coming to flame you for having such a terrible title but the amazing picture inside just made me forget what I was going to say.

I’m reminded fondly of the cover art for Call of Duty: World at War.

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Call of Duty: Seven Hour War