My second image (Now with less fail)

Dunno how to close topic

Is he meant to be, dying?

I dont know how to gun shot wounds or blood or bullets going through his body

Fortunately I didn’t see your earlier picture.
What the hell is happening in this picture?
Is he supposed to be falling?

Unfortunatly like I said earlier I dont know how to edit blood into my pic. If theres a tutorial please link it so I can change this guy to make it actually look like hes been shot and not doing some kinda gay dance :smiley:

Doing some kind of dance? In air?

You could have at least done some blood spots ingame.

Just take your pistol/smg and shoot him ?
Or you can use the paint tool and choose blood

okay, Ill just do what I do to add in a muzzleflash but instead BLOOD

Its a floating soldier. Also contrast is a little bit too high. I recommend lowing the contrast…