My second published image - Ghost and dramatic explosion.

Comment, flame, roll it up and whack me on the nose, dosn’t matter, just give some reply on how I can either improve it, or just keep going the same direction.

It looks alright, but it’s a little hard to tell exactly what’s going on in the background.

The camera angle is really… unfitting.

it looks like that glitch where you don’t have the textures for the skybox, so when you look up, everything just bleeds into everything else.

If the title wasnt there I would think that Ghost is tripping :lsd:

The background merge with itself and it doesnt make much sence(Because of the blur, and colors).

Sorry, this is actually just an edit aswell, due to that I made a fatal mistake:
Physgun >_<.

If you’d see the whole thing, it would make more sense, lemme upload the better angle/failed one:

Also took this one, which is pretty decent I guess:

I totally forgot about it, but I guess it’s pretty perfected.


I can’t take the screenshot seriously…His eyes… :byodood:

Well so I was told by some people in my community…

They are either blind or they do not even exist.

Well a word to the wise, this is far from perfection in this community.

I should move to his community :smug:

I had a feeling it was too good to be true…