My Server and myself can't download self-uploaded workshop addon

Does someone know’s how to solve this?
Mounting Addon '*****’ ()
Download Failed!

did you add it coorectly in intit?or in your serverside file
resource.AddWorkshop( string workshopid )
Adds a workshop addon for the client to download before entering the server.

You should try to only add addons that the server is currently using. For example - don’t make the client download 20 maps - just make them download the current map.
Gamemodes that are workshop enabled are automatically added to this list - so there’s no need to add them.
string workshopid
The workshop id of the file. This cannot be a collection right now.
Adds workshop addon ‘157450041’ to the download list. Any clients that join will download addon ‘157450041’.
resource.AddWorkshop( “157450041” )