My server disappeared from the server list.

Anybody can tell me why my server has disappeared I changed nothing in the server config it worked well just now it has been disappeared for no reason.
( sorry for bad english. )
I have restarted my server, tried heartbeat, updated no solution found.

Can you connect to it directly via console?
Have you searched for it in the server list?
What host are you using?
Are you sure it’s online?

In console yes in server
Server list not appear :frowning:
Srcds ubuntu.

It is likely your server is already on the masterservers list.
However, you really can’t do much else because the listing is all clientside.

I read about that problem and they said it is 2 years old. :=( So someone should fix it :frowning:

try running “heartbeat” in the server console to see if that helps?

Doesn’t seem like anyone has mentioned it, but I’ve found that if you run the server in your local machine ( Windows for me ), at least for me, it’s not listed in the server list, but others can still find it.

If this isn’t your case, sorry for the shitpost / I have no idea.

Tried it
I am still trying it.
Maybe in one day it will be fixed :frowning:

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Ye I hope other players can find my server ( I got info about my server gone from the server list by the players and then I checked and it was true still not on the server list -.- )
thanks for trying to help for me :slight_smile:

Start your server with -condebug or watch the console, you might be blacklisted from the master query server.

Ty but my server somehow again on the serverlist ( Bermuda Triangle in GMOD )

How much time are you allowing for the server list to populate? Your server, depending on its ping, won’t show up there immediately.

ping is good. This happens randomly the issue is 2 years old and nobody found any answer. My friend told me that I should restart the server everyday.

What gamemode you running and have you tried legacy browser?

my custom gamemode and ye I tried all right now it appears on the server list but it will disappear again but I hope it wont happen again :smiley: