My server doesn't appear on the community server list


I’ve downloaded the rust dedicated server files from here ->, changed the name of the server.hostname and ran the bat. It installed steam, installed rustds and started the server. Windows firewall popped up and i allowed RustDedicated.exe to both public and private. The world started generating and voila, server is running.

Note, I’ve installed this on my server pc and NOT on my gaming pc. Both PCs are on the same network though, server has the lan ip of and my gaming pc has

I then proceeded to port forward 28015 (udp + tcp for on my router and then on my gaming PC I opened up Rust and connected to it via client.connect {external ip}:28015 in console. Everything good so far. I’ve then asked a few friends to join to see if it works by giving them my external ip and port. They joined successfully.

However… no matter what i try, the server will not show up on the community server list!
(It also doesn’t even appear on the local network server list)

I’ve struggled with this for a few hours, trying everything… DMZ on router, no firewall on server, which shows everything fine. I’ve tried changing the server name to only alphanumeric things like “Test”. I’ve tried changing the max players… i don’t get it, what am i doing wrong?


Forward 28016 as well. You have to forward your server port and port+1.

Thank you!

Why did nobody tell me this in the server tutorials? Especially :frowning:

Somebody needs to write this somewhere…