My server doesn't appear on the list

This has been a problem I’ve had on any Source game. My server will never appear on the server list.

I’ve tried sv_lan 0 and I’ve double-checked that the proper ports are forwarded, and I do have a static IP. All the ports are forwarded to my static IP.

I find it very odd that I can host on any game that requires port forwarding except Valve games.

I would also check to see if there’s another thread that explains this but unfortunately the search button has disappeared.

Port Forwarding is ONLY required if you have a Router. If you do not have one you don’t really need that. But still… Go to your own server (i suppose you can do that since you can find it in LAN). Tell a friend to connect the same game as you are so you can find out if you can actually see if ANYONE can connect. Also you should use HLDS (Half-Life: Dedicated Server). Also how do you know it won’t appear on the server list.

Apparently, searching will give you other results. Some people didn’t port forward, didn’t port forward correctly, didn’t use the correct program etc. But you still can try. Good luck.