My server files are public for some reason.

People have been saying to me. That everybody can see your server files etc. I’m not sure if this is true or not. Though somebody managed to steal all the files.

Is there a server setting to fix this?

Have you left the files in a place where they are accessible through FTP?

Give us a bit more information; Who are you hosting with? Is it a box or a single server? Is it the core files that people have taken or is it SQL/Web data etc?

I am hosting with Zellion Hosting Australia.

Running TcADMIN and there just placed in the addons folder.

I really need to get this fixed.

Could i add you on steam?

I’d keep the discussion here just incase I overlook anything. You should contact your hosting support.

Okay thanks.

Can you show us how you include the files?

If you AddCSLuaFile in a server file; it means the client will download it but not necessarily run it.

Here’s information on including files across realms.

Do you have a fast-download? If so, you can get the url from the console and open it in your browser; don’t upload code or cache there.

Are the users specifying how they’re seeing them; are they giving examples?

Make sure you don’t add your private files to your FastDL just put the maps, models, textures, sounds etc in it, not your cfg or lua files.

I don’t have anything in FastDL we don’t use FastDL. nor do the files have public access.