My server forces clients to re-download files on re-joining

Hello, after finally getting FastDL working to a usable state I’ve encountered on more issue, which is when clients join they have to download all the files despite whether they have joined before, here is what is in my FastDL folder:

What am I missing D:

It’ll only re-download files that have changed or not been previously added. If they’re constantly re-downloading without anything changes it means the file download failed.

Make sure your addons models/materials/sound folders are copied into their root folders.
ie addons/derp/models/amodel.mdl > models/amodel.mdl

Cheers, I’ll try that :slight_smile: Also I think wiremod needs an update so maybe its that :slight_smile:

Okay I have done this, about twice now, to make sure, but still I’m getting this, it’s pretty annoying to be perfectly honest, and I don’t know what else to do

Check what file(s) exactly is being downloaded.
Check that file definitely is on the FastDL server.

I normally move all models/materials/sounds out of addons and into the base model/material folders on the fastdl. Because once gmod mounts the addons the path of the models are garrysmod/models/… not garrysmod/addons/models/…