My server has FASTDL But my maps don't Help?!

Hey guys my name is TheApexProject and I own a TTT server I was recently helped add in custom weapons (thank you) to my server! I just wanted to know my maps are really slow at downloading! Some of my friends won’t even join because Of how slow the maps are! My server is hosted with a control panel and I clicked sync FastDL but It only syncs the addon and you know the other files! Not the maps!

                                                       Please Reply,Thank you!
                                                       Sincerely,TheApexProject! :D

You know the maps are generally larger in size then any models or materials. Also, make sure you put the maps into garrysmod/maps/ and not inside an addon or something.

Ok thank your for the information as far As I know they are in there I’ll just check again!

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Really it isn’t the size my friend gets 20 meg per second and it took it’s time to download for him same goes for ALL my friends! I really need help :confused:

Ask your host.

Don’t put maps on FastDL, but them on forcedownload via autorun folder.

You mixed it up. They should be on FastDL, but not resource.AddFiled.

but fastdl has been known not to download the whole map, causing it to give you “mapname not found”.

That occurs when you don’t setup FastDL correctly.

So umm… I’m meant to do what exactly? lol

Contact your host; obviously there’s something wrong with your FastDL.

Depending on whether or not you have Workshop Maps, you could just do resource.AddWorkshop(“WorkshopItemId”) in a fastdl.lua in the lau/autorun folder, and this could be an alternative, if your host can’t help :confused:

Oh ok

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Do you know how to find an Item’s ID?

It’s in the URL.

But then they will download every map when they join. It’s okay if it’s a DarkRP server or a 24/7 TTT server, otherwise, don’t do this.

It would only redownload the addon IF gmod can’t find the addon files, or the addon has been updated.
Anything else is usually routine workshop checks