My server is getting crashed by someone.

Hello guys,
recently I started a server and someone keeps making it crash. I know it’s not dos nor ddos.
He’s sending altered packet to the server, making it crash.

How can I prevent this?

You really can’t stop ddoses. Are you hosting it or did you buy the server?

If you hosting:
-Change your IP, restart router if you have dynamic.
If you bought:
-Request IP change and maybe a new location of the server?

Wait so its one guy sending some packets… contact the provider if its one guy from one IP (you didn’t specify) get the data center/ provider to block all traffic from that IP address likely he isn’t stupid and will change it out but ban the IP range via the data center and it will stop an issue.

Im currently paying for the server and I requested a ip change.

Thank you for responding.

Are there any crash dumps being generated?

Hi, my server appears to be having the same issue, crashing on start. It was fine yesterday, screwing up today. I don’t believe there are any dump files, if there were any, where would they be?

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It might not be some kind of altered packet attack, because my servers are still crashing if I switch their IPs or ports.

If it crashes on startup, then it would be a Problem on your end.

Maybe you fucked up your server files.

That’s the worst response to a DDoS attack.

Request a hardware firewall with some sort of DDoS protection such as stateful packet inspection.