My server is getting DDoS attacks

I have issues with DDoS attacks last days and I findout players who do this and they even own server. My question is what can I do about it?

Hmmm there is few Game server providers :



ask one of these svr providers or technician to put you in ddos protection! some are mostly in huge traffic areas that have it! like Dallas tx… ect…

iam glad to help my friend

Ask to have your server in a ddos protection zone!! some u can talk to the techs on teamspeak .bluefangsolutions is good and reliable

yeah. I just moved to good hosting but I need to figureout to set some protection.
But isn’t ddos illegal? I want to report somewhere players who do this.

yes its bad! sending scrambled packets to block ip and other stuff to crash the server and clients… same as hacking. or exploiting…

just ask what your game provider is , make a ticket to them , that if they have ddos protection? if not, go to a other game provider! that has a great connection with it!

Problem is if the DDOS is really strong then unless you pay a good amount of money they can’t be stopped. Had this happen to our server back in legacy too, the 10gb protection was doing nothing, 3 different hosts, no help.

i had a 7 days to die server with bluefang , i was getting attacked all the time with ddos, so i ask them in TS or teamspeak and send a ticket to move server to dallas Tx. and after that, i had no problems , but the ping was a bit high , but it was worth it… Chicago, was the last server which had good ping med traffic, but it had no ddos protection at that time ago! i might have it by now!?

yeah, that is sad. Too bad facepunch does not have any report system.

You’re not going to “report” someone for DDOSing your server, even if you know who they are. Why? Because law enforcement agencies around the world have better things to do than deal with someone’s game going offline for a few hours. Save your time and energy and move to another GSP.

Expect to pay around $50 - $300 per month per physical server for good, solid, DDOS protection. You can find GSPs who offer DDOS protection for a little less, but there’s a catch: there is no standard definition of what “DDOS protection” really is.

Let’s say I’m a cheap-ass GSP and I want to offer DDOS protection on my gameservers. I decide to block ICMP (ping) requests at the firewall. Voila: I have now blocked all ICMP-based DDOS attacks, and I am now – technically – providing “DDOS protection”. I didn’t say I blocked all DDOS attacks, after all. It’s a really crappy and utterly useless form of DDOS protection, but DDOS protection it is.

Most GSPs don’t offer DDOS protection because of the cost involved. However, since you can easily cram a dozen or more Rust instances on a well-equipped server, you can spread that $300 / month out over a dozen or more users. A GSP can easily stand up a DDOS-protected server, then charge customers an extra $10 - $20 / month to be on there. I’d happily pay that for the extra peace of mind.

Why does nobody do this?