My server is getting hacked so much!

Hi everyone! I’m having huge troubles with hacking on my server, not speedhack and such. But rcon hackers that ban’s everyone on my server, even though i change rcon password everyday!

Here’s a quote from the last hacker in our console:

All these people got banned by console, and none of my staff has console access. I dont know why people do this, if it’s because my server popularity is raising and i’m a thread to them, or it’s just some dumbshit of a hacker which loves to ruin it for other people.

So i would ask some of your genious’ here, is there some way i can make my server more secure?

Thanks Already,

Remove the RCon password and use remote desktop connections instead, RCons are just so insecure in Source.

No it isn’t.

Weak passwords -> Weak rcon

I dont know how that remote stuff works, could you tell me how mate?

Edit: And my RCON password isn’t weak, it’s on 26 Characters.

Do you happen to use Cider, and didn’t remove the backdoor?

No, i’m using Gjail on my server, not sure if it’s insecure.

There were methods of brute forcing the RCon, I don’t know if they still work now.

Again it happend, i even changed RCON. Someone keeps banning everyone on the server, seriously i’ll need help!

What’s your server name, I’m curious.


Nope. There have been previous exploits, all fixed.

I’ve just found out by asking the Co-Owner of Ventmob servers, that’s it a Gmod Exploit and wont be fixed until next update.

That exploit is not easilly used to change the rcon password. However, delete ‘God.lua’ from your lua/autorun/server folder.

Thanks mate, that’ll help.

Buy !cake anticheat to scriptfodder.
It saved my server.

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I think the OP here has solved the problem.

Legend has it that OP is still looking for a decent anti cheat

Cake anticheat didn’t exist in 2009, just sayin