My server is legit, please support to bring it back in lists

I have my server run for 5 months now.

I pay FPS Hoster and play it fairly. So it is legit.

It IP is

It is not in the Community, Modded or History lists. But, I can log in by F1.

So, I kindly ask to bring it back in Community or Modded and in History list.

Hope to hear from you soon.

Kind Regards,


it seems my server is blacklisted :frowning:
Do not create mirror
My server has not broken any rules

what to do?

I am waiting for a Support answer or for a Garry’s answer for my post.

I will continue in the game just with a answer. I have plans for a Experimental Server next January, but things need to be fair from Facepunch. So, let wait their next step.



So, server is back.