My server is "out of date", so how do I update it?

Recently, SRCDS has been telling me that my server is out of date. I assumed that the server had updated since it told me to just restart, but when I restarted it, it told me to restart again. What the hey is going on, and can anyone help me with this?

Ignore it, the steam.inf doesnt contain latest version number

The message says that my server won’t be listed on the master server. Is this true, or is this just preprogramed into the “error message”? Most people connect through the dedicated server list, so I’m kinda worried about a decrease in (my already nonexistent) traffic.

Getting the same crap with this Update, 106, friend.

hldsupdatetool -command update -game “Garry’s Mod” -dir “(Put directory of SCRDS folder here)”

I have the same problem, even though i DID update the server.
Guess Garry and/or Valve made a little slip-up with the dedicated server binaries.

Everyone else has the same problem, it’s fucking annoying too.

Garry has been informed. Don’t worry.


I just updated everything. I’m going to start the server now.

Edit: It’s still doing it.

What is this?

ConVarRef sb_dontshow_maxplayer_warning doesn't point to an existing ConVar
Connecting to

Host_Error: Unexepected authentication protocol 73055844!

I have that for my server, although perhaps a different number.

Valve released an engine update. Probably screwed up something?


That thread is about not being able to connect to a server. My server is nagging me to update it (odd, since it’s already up to date…) and refusing to allow players on it until I do, so your post is irrelevant (maybe it isn’t, since I re-read the thread and it seems the problem that you’re having is caused by the problem I’m having).

I was replying to the two posts above mine.

Your fix doesn’t seem to work anymore. Installed but now getting a disconnect message saying “Server has not updated to the most recent version.” even though it is up-to-date, besides the engine.dll.

The client recently received the update so now you have to use the new engine build.

I updated my server and my gmod to the latest version, but when I try to join my server, it gives me “Connection failed after 4 retries” and then the server dies. :colbert:

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Yeah, if ANYONE tries to join, it crashes the server.

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Please don’t tell me I’m the only one with this problem…

Same issue here.

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Found out that its gatekeeper, azui just made a patch someone test it please.

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btw if your using xenonservers, just install gmsv_gatekeeper (r138) from the mod installer.