My server is so randome on public listings. Why?

O.K. so after 2 weeks of learning about all the port forward and ip info and adding plug ins for my first ever server, I finaly got it all set up and got it to show up in the list. Now this it the kicker… my server only shows up at random and I don’t know why. I refresh the list and it might show up on my favorites but not the modded or the history, then refresh again and nothing, then refresh again and it shows up in modded but not favorites or history, then this kinda thing just jumps around and my server is not beeing seen by anyone cause I can’t keep it at least in the Modded list for random people to join. Someone please help me fix this.

this is my bat file setup

RustDedicated.exe -batchmode -hostname “SLAG_Endless_War /icraft/TP/Home/F-smelt/friends/ladders blocked” -maxplayers 100 -server.port 28016 -ownerid 76561198013385211 “feastblade” “Owner”


Not sure what your issue is, but at least put the hostname text in quotes. If you don’t, the spaces in the hostname are going to mess stuff up.

Which is what I told OP to do the last time he made a thread like this, and he apparently didn’t even listen.

Again, the server list is artificially limited to 200 entries right now, and as a result it can’t show all servers. I’m not sure you should be a server admin if you need to make two threads to absorb the same answer.

no sorry I did not post the corrections that elixwhiteail gave me before, the quotes are there.

as the the server not showing up cause of 200 limit, that should have no effect if I am directly typing in the server name and nothing is showing up at times, I refresh and refresh and refresh the results are so random. server should show up each time I refresh in my favorites, modded and history. I can’t even get it to show up in the modded section each time I refresh with the name typed in witch means no one is ever going to see it. This is what I need help to figure out.

Do you realize how many servers are out there? As well, try doing the same thing but then give it at least 15 minutes. Check again.
As well, go here and then type in your server listing…is it listed? (This of course AFTER you make sure your server is launched and is live)

ok rust IO shows my map and server, still doesn’t help me figure out why my server is barely shows up in any category when I do a word search. but thanks for helping me see that the server is actually running.