My server isnt showing up on list.

Not sure whats going on but my server isnt showing up on the rust server list , I can connect throught the IP.
Im reading of people talking sabout blacklisted and stuff , Im not doing anything wrong , I run some mods and thats it.
Is there a way to fix this? What do I do? I contacted Multiplay and they told me its probably a Steam issue.
My ip is
Thabjs, weve only been running the server for about 2 weeks and had no problems prior to this.

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Im running Rust server , not legacy just a fyi.

Confirming that the admin I was helping out with the same issue was indeed IP blacklisted. Buggered if we knew why as he wasn’t doing anything shady.

He got a notification from Facepunch today indicating that his server was then removed from the blacklist, but no explanation as to how or why it was blacklisted in the first place, so hopefully this will be the case for you.

See our posts here and here for more reference.

ok, well since it took me 7 days to figure out how to make myself admin, I dont really have a computer knowledge on shady things, not sure what I could do to my server to make it shady , so if im blacklisted please unblack list me or give me a reason im blacklisted so I know that innocent people are being blacklisted so I can stop payment on my server.
This has happened before and I would usually fix it by renaming my server but this was back 7 months ago when I ran a legacy server.
TY for the info Nexusone.
How would facepunch notify me? through email?

Unsure man, I’ll ask dafin0 to clarify, but I’m assuming they are watching these posts because all we did was post here and he was contacted to say the blacklist was lifted.

Edit - not sure what medium they used to contact dafin0, probably forum PM…

Hope you get it sorted man

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