My server isnt showing

I recently bought a server online just to play around with and it appears to either take forever for it to show up on the “server browser”

or not show up at all, making my server pretty much invisible and that makes me sad


any help? :dance:

Are you using the Legacy browser to search for it?

Also, it will take MUCH longer to load your server if the map you are running is not directly on the server, for example, if you are running your server off of a map on the workshop.

This is an issue most people have. The GMod Server Browser is shit. You just have to wait, your server will show up eventually.

no no, i have the map on the server and what not, its a common map, but it sometimes takes like 10 mins to show up… and no one waits 10 mins to find a server… is there something im doing wrong?

Maybe it’s just you, What is your latency on the server (your ping)?