My server isn't working!

I Made a server a week ago or so, and it worked for a bit. But then when i start it up it changes the gamemode to DarkRP and the map to rp_cscdesert_v2-1. Then the server info says “server not responding”. I’ve done all the portfowarding and stuff, so why is it not working?

Never mind… i fixed it
I think it was ULX

Yay! Another Issue.
My server says it uses different class tables. I updated Gmod, and used HLDSupdate tool, but it still won’t work

Are you sure you did it right? And just make a new thread next time.

what i used to update:
hldsupdatetool -command update -game garrysmod -dir C:\srcds


Yet another case of human stupidity. I had the wrong directory, so it couldn’t find it