My server keeps getting DDoS attacks

Hello, I have a Rust server named “[EU]Rusty-Nutz|x100|PvP|Insta Craft|HOME|TP|KITS|REMOVE|”.
Some people made a new server and named it the exact same name as my server and added the same mods, then they started DDoS attacking my server which is highly populated (150 players daily) to shut it down so that my server players would join their new server thinking that it’s the same server.

My server is currently shut down because of the DDoS attacks!! please help me close the fake server that is hijacking my server’s identity.

My original server “[EU]Rusty-Nutz|x100|PvP|Insta Craft|HOME|TP|KITS|REMOVE|”:

My server’s “[EU]Rusty-Nutz|x100|PvP|Insta Craft|HOME|TP|KITS|REMOVE|” Steam group:

The fake hijacked identity server:

What is anyone supposed to do? We’re not the Internet cops. Contact your host about the DDOS.