my server list wont refresh

i just installed garrys mod and no matter how many times i click refresh, no servers will pop up, what do i do?

Can you see any servers on the list out of the game?

I’m not sure if I can see it or not.

Did you wait 10 to 30 seconds before clicking again?

how do i look at the server list outside of the game? also, i tried adding the zombie servival ip address to my favorites and when i tried to join it said could not connect with server or somthing like that and yes, i waited about a minute before i clicked refresh again

Open up the main steam window and click the “servers” button to thr right of the friends button.

Then set the game as Garry’s Mod and wait for it to load the list.

im having this same problem

yeah same problem here i cant find servers… i let my computer go for 30 minutes and it still didnt pop up with any servers. hopefully there will be an update or something cause i havent been able to play for a week

i have the same problem. i reinstalled steam then gmod, still doesnt work. check firewall and made it unblocking gmod and stam, still doesnt work. idk what to do

I’m having the same problem too, but opening up servers in steam and launching garrysmod by clicking a server through that menu seems to work. Though it is a tad annoying.

This is how I fixed this when I had this problem

same problem

my steam servers list will open and refresh, but my gmod and tf2 lists wont refresh