My server not downloading VTF files correctly.

I have had a TTT server running for a few weeks now, and I just set up Fast Download. Everything is working great, but I have a custom icon for an AK47 traitor weapon, and whenever someone downloads the icon it is just a grey box with a black line though it. Trying to open the icon in VTF edit gives the error: “File signature does not match “VTF”.” I used the resource.AddFile in my server.cfg. It looks like this: resource.AddFile(“”) Am I doing something wrong?


The URL isn’t needed, the location IS. So basically, you want ‘materials/VGUI/ttt/icon_tropical_ak47.vtf’ instead.

Btw, make sure you’ve set the vtf up right:

Thanks for the help, but it’s still not working. I went back and made sure the .vtf was set up right too.
Here’s what it looks like: