My server Stats.. Not pretty. Please help us Garry!

As you can see, this weekend has not been good for me or my friends to play Rust.

Yeah, that’s Multiplay’s fault. I’ve been having the same trouble. They’ve been fucking stuff up for weeks for me, and I’ll be changing to a better provider on monday.

Is that Experimental ? Lot Servers experiencing this Bug



I do not think it is smart to blame a host for the current issues with the client.

Buddy. I’ve been talking to Multiplay and it’s their servers that’ve been fucking up (for me, the past few weeks), now I’m getting this issue and more.

You do realize that CPU + Memory Leaks are occurring on every single server.

Hosted at Home or with a host like Multiplay, Revolt or Streamline.

The real problem here is that its eating juice, and hosts will setup some ways around it that will not really benefit its customers, such as shutting down the server every time it reaches a specific amount of CPU & RAM used. (I think it is totally normal to do so when a game is so unstable).

It is Exp. Multiplay says it is a DDos.

But this suggests they fixed it?

I dunno… Spent my weekend doing real life stuff instead of Rusting. My parents seem quite nice :smiley:

Its not server side DDoS. Those are easy to block if you have a decent host.

This is very client sided, and no it has not been fixed. Their “fix” is to block every IP for 10 minutes.

Well Facepunch needs to get it sorted and stop with this Alpha shite excuse. I think 2 years is long enough to get a stable, playable game.

2 years? Experimental has been in development for 6 months.

I removed -load from my services and it improves the leak. Still exceeding 1.6-1.7 GB RAM per server, and it used to be around 800-1200 MB per service. However, it seems to be stable around 1.7-1.8 GB RAM, so that would be a temporary kind of fix. Garry just replied via tweet.

They started from scratch so basically they’re only in 6 months. The place they want Rust to be easily takes most dev teams 2-3 years and they’re nearing baseline in 7-8 months. So piss off

Multiplay are horrible, I moved my server a couple of weeks ago because customer support told me the server would have to reset on every restart, which is every day normally but was a few times a day at this point because of memory problems. They said it was because of “experimental” but low and behold when I moved, I never and that problem again.

Funny that.


if you remove -load from your commandline, the world will be resetted on restart, if you add it, you’ll get flying stuff and memory leak, your choice , lagging server or resetted server.

Maybe this could help:

Yep, I know.

This is quite irritating to be honest. I have to reboot all servers every 15-30 minutes.

Not a very good week-end for Rust my friends :stuck_out_tongue:

well, its better just to take some days off, then reconnecting every 15 mins ^^