My server stopped respawnng rocks after latest update

My title pretty much sums up my issue.
My server does no longer have active players, due to stones/rocks not respawning when players farm.

Is there a way I can fiks this? I tried to do the spawn.min_rate/max_rate and the spawn.min_density/max_density, but this only changed barrels, trees and animals.
My server have been empty for stones since last update which force wiped my server.

What now?

There has been an error on the Thursday update causing the rocks to respawn in the ocean. If you swim out and look under the sea you’ll see them.

The respawning issue has been fixed already on a Friday update, but since you hit the maximum amount of rocks and they’re all under the sea, they still won’t respawn. So what you need to do is remove all rocks so they can respawn correctly.

This can be done with this command:

del autospawn/resource/ores

Good luck and have fun! :slight_smile:

Note that once the del command is run, stuff won’t respawn instantly. It’ll take a while for them to return.

This command must be run from the server console or via rcon, too.

I came here to see if there is an issue with this command NOT working. I have ran it several times and it will read:
Deleted autorespawn/resource/ores/stone-ores
Deleted autorespawn/resource/ores/metal-ores
Deleted autorespawn/resource/ores/sulfur-ores

I’ve restarted the server and they are still in the ocean. For the heck of it, I’ve ran the server update and then run the command. It now reads:

Deleted 50xx objects.

I restart the server and they are still in the ocean. I’m beginning to think the issue with me restarting the server and the ores are in the ocean because of an old map save. Are you supposed to restart the server or just let the nodes respawn on their own?

As a couple of People said before:

  1. Download Rusty (or some other Admin-Tool)
  2. Insert your Settings + Connect
  3. Rcon -> Console -> del autospawn/resource/ores -> Send

F1 -> del autospawn/resource/ores
this wont work.


teki, I am doing it through Rusty. I am just wondering if are supposed to restart the server afterwards or just let them respawn on their own?

It seems some others on the Oxide forums are also having issues as well.

That command definitely doesn’t automatically fix the issue. They just keep respawning underwater. This is on a server updated as of 3pm Eastern today. I just ran it again followed by a reboot, so I’ll let you know if that takes care of it.

All the command does is erase the resource from the map so it respawns. Some will respawn in the water, but some will respawn on land.

If I’m understanding things correctly, the water is being included in the potential ore spawn locations, and nodes that spawn on land are harvested and respawn in the water, out of reach. Eventually, all the nodes will respawn in the water. This command cleans them out so that they’ll respawn all over the map. It’s a short-term bandaid until the spawning can be properly limited to above-water locations (or garry introduces SCUBA gear–unlikely but a man can dream).

No reboot is needed. In fact, a reboot too quickly might not even be triggering a map save, which means that your clearing of the ores never even happened and the server loads from the save.

I haven’t found any underwater ore since the command was run. I’ll have to do a more “in depth” search of the entire perimeter of the island. But so far, it seems that the entire underwater western shore that I have surveyed (last done a couple of hours ago) is node free.

Oh, wait, that’s right, garry had also pushed out a fix for the spawning when he pushed out the ore deletion command, so it was a hotfix for cleanup to let the spawning system do its job properly on existing maps.

So, if you ran the command and then immediately rebooted and the problem came back, you weren’t saving the map, or there was something wrong with the save and the server loaded the last good save (which is the last one before you ran the command). Just run it and let the server chug along a while.

I’ve just ran the command again (deleted 5026 objects), most of which I’m sure were under water. I’m not going to restart the server this time. I’ll wait a few hours and see if everything works correctly.

Edit: Just 15 minutes in and it seems to be working. Don’t know why I didn’t realize it was the map save earlier. :rolleyes:

I just did a complete tour of the island underwater and there are no nodes. Seems like the fix is working as intended.