My server will not start.

My server will not start because I keep getting this error:

Reinstall your server files. It looks like you’ve somehow removed most of the Lua library.

Damn… I’ve uploaded so much files on it and it worked perfectly for like 5 hours and now boom it doesnt work anymore -.- Kinda mad that I have to reupload.

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can I just reupload a new lua folder with everything in it?

I don’t mean your gamemode files, I mean everything else that should be there when you have a vanilla server.

Yeah I use darkrpmodifications so if I reinstall my server back to vanilla it will all go away.

You won’t need to reinstall from scratch unless you didn’t force install dir. When you don’t force install dir steamcmd creates a cluster-mess. Also, if you update your games in wrong order it can cause errors.

Run this batch file first:

steamcmd.exe +login SteamUsername +force_install_dir Z:\dedicated_servers\server_1\ +app_update 220 +app_update 380 +app_update 420

You may need to type in the commands manually; to bypass that, run SteamCMD.exe and log-in. It’ll create a cache of the login; then run the batch.

Next, run this batch file:

steamcmd.exe +login anonymous +force_install_dir Z:\dedicated_servers\server_1\ +app_update 232250 +app_update 232290 +app_update 232330 +app_update 4020 validate +quit

Make sure you update both batch file install directories. The reason we force the directory is because the mount.cfg doesn’t like hyphens in names. So instead of you having a folder called Counter-Strike(Source)/cstrike, it’s just in server_1/cstrike/ or so.


// Use this file to mount additional paths to the filesystem
// DO NOT add a slash to the end of the filename

	"cstrike"	"Z:\dedicated_servers\server_1\cstrike"
	"tf"		"Z:\dedicated_servers\server_1	f"
	"dod"		"Z:\dedicated_servers\server_1\dod"
	"hl2"		"Z:\dedicated_servers\server_1\hl2"
	"ep2"		"Z:\dedicated_servers\server_1\ep2"
	"episodic"	"Z:\dedicated_servers\server_1\episodic"