My server won't let clients download maps!

Hey, one of my servers [NNJG]Jail won’t let clients download any maps! I have sv_allowdownload to 0 so noone hacks my server via RCON, but I have resource.AddFile adding the maps along with resources.lua downloading the whole map folder, but nothing works! Please Help!

Put sv_allowdownload 1.

If it works, don’t give out your rcon or make the pw to your rcon 1235o102368912303869386239068342906yu2ig089ui409gu30w4uh4h

OK, Now I have FastDL setup. I have a big enough net max file size. FastDL IS WORKING except for the maps. The rest will download. sv_allowdownload is set to 0 as it should be when working with FastDL. Any Suggestions?

Check the maxdownloadsize.

i did, i have net max file size big enough


any other suggestions?!?!?!?