My server won't start.

Ok i have a dedicated rp server it’s doing well until now. i was playing it last night and it was working perfectly and i went to bed. I haven’t messed with the files or anything and now it won’t start. I mean it starts but it doesn’t finish loading the server up. the server just stops loading after this and never continues, like i said, my server was working perfectly before, the only files i have changed are some custom shipment files and that wouldn’t effect the startup at all. Check out the picture to show what i mean.

I’m guessing it has to do with my internet cuase it suddenly stops on Network. if there is anything that you might think that would affect it plz tell me. also my local ip hasn’t changed, i have a static ip.

You say it’s your dedi right? Hmm.

Try these things:
Restart Dedi
Take a look at the autoexec.cfg and the command line for your startup.bat

That’s bout it, usually that happens when there is a wrong command.

hwell first of all yes it is a dedicated server. and 2nd is that i haven’t changed anything in those files but i still checked them and they were fine. also i restored the files to before this all happened and they were still not working. so now i know for sure it has nothing to do with my files. it has to do with some setting. the only thing that i changed was my OS. i recently started using windows 7 and it was working but 2 days after installing is when my server started fucking up. I sspect it has somthing to do with my internet. but my external and internal haven’t changed at all. Also my firewall isn’t blocking anything

I think what your problem is, is what the console is telling you:

“Steam is not active, running in -insecure mode.”
“Loading unsigned module server.dll”
“Access to secure servers is disabled.”

how to fix it? No Idea.

well u actually don’t need any sort of steam program to be able to run srcds at all. its a sepperate program.

Yes, I know. Its a standalone.

Make sure you’ve opened all the ports.

I have port 27015 forwarded to both tcp and udp. Also if my ports weren’t forwarded it still would start. port forwarding is making it so u can play on your own server. Any further help will be much appreciated.

From the looks of it, all you need to do is start a map. Really, it’s that simple. Type “map gm_flatgrass”

What the heck are you talking about. ok first of all i have it set to a map. 2nd, you don’t need to type in a map to start the server, if you don’t type one in the server still starts but on the default map which is gm_construct. But thx for trying to help. :smiley:

If you start the server without specifying a map, you get the exact screenshot you posted. I just tested it before I posted. Seriously, just type in the console window.

ok if it works tell me what to type in. map rp_downtown_v2?
-map rp_downtown_v2? defaultmap rp_downtown_v2?


whoa dude thx alot!!! it works now. i typed in. “map rp_downtown_v2”. thx i have been searching on how to fix it forever.


hey how do i make it so i don’t have to type it in every time i want to start server. right now in my shortcut i have this in target.
C:\srcds\orangebox\srcds.exe -console -game garrysmod +maxplayers 20 -map rp_downtown_v2

try +map because its a rcon command

-commands are for the program itself
+commands are for the console in source dedicated server or even just the game (hl2.exe)

thx I will try that. it’s updating at the moment.
yay it worked. but what I don’t understand is why it all of a sudden stopped working, I didn’t touch any files.


and now it won’t update geez.

-snip- FUCK U GOOGLE CACHE! :argh: