My servers files have been stolen (Need advice)

Hello to who ever is reading this post/thread. Basically this needs sorting. I own a community called Aperture Gaming and someone has used a LUA staler to steal our files. The server that has ripped my server is called ATNetworks Under Starwars-RP just like mine. As an owner of my server and having this happen, I need some advice from the community because people have donated a lot to my server and they are not very happy with this situation.

As far as I know, unless they have access to the server, they can only steal clientside files, wich won’t be too useful unless they have the serverside files too.

They stole the core server-side files using a lua staler forcing the server to send the client the files.

Lua file stealers can’t steal server side code only shared/client lua.
You must have someone who gave them acess to your server.

Someone did have access and got angry so idk. Also we have a random error when someone tries to join the server. “!ThreadInMainThread Player Disconnected” and then the server shuts down. We use a dedicated server. But them stealing my files is the main problem. Is there anything i can do to get there server pulled off?

exactly which files were stolen?

Everything, from addons to custom content.

There’s nothing you can do to “get there server pulled off”.

You content can be “stolen” by opening download/ folder and taking models your server sent to your clients. It’s not illegal.

Same goes for clientside and shared files, although it’s a bit harder.

So there is nothing I can do… accept for making our server better than theres…

Unless you have custom addons and have licensed and TM’d them then there is not much you can do, If your server is just completely scriptfodder which it might be considering ur running DarkRP then there is no way to prove whether he stole ur server files (Which seems pretty impossible cos he can only steal Clientside files) but then again he might of liked ur server and bought every addon the exact same.