My Severance broke

I’ve had a Severance server up for almost a week now, everything worked fine with no issues. Garry throws his update out there and fucks up GMod, then the next day the fix comes out. I update my server and all that shit, and join it. Everything is working besides the text you would see on /doorsetownable’s and /doorsetunownable’s. I can’t see /textadd’s either. I asked people in the server if they could see anything and they said no. I’m pretty sure the update broke it, but I am not that good with coding/lua. All help would be appreciated. And please, don’t post stupid comments for Christ sakes.

Post any errors from your console into this thread.

Yes lets all blame garry for valve’s doing fuck you garry because of valve this man’s server fucked up let’s riot.

I have no errors that come up in the console. It’s simply no text is shown on doors or when I type /textadd.

Joe, your fucking hilarious. Go become a comedian, your life is going no where but shitposting on FP anyways.

Make fun of him all you want. Joke’s on you. He is correct. It isn’t Garrys fault.

Thanks babe