My Shepard Model in Garrys Mod - does it work?

Hey guys,
I’m fairly new to the scene - Garry’s Mod, etc.

And I have great respect for those who make the characters from other games available in Garrys Mod.
I’m going to learn how to do it. But, well, I’m total beginner and have not come forward in some way (much to do, working, …)

So far, I’ve always played on the console. But now I change more and more to the PC. Why? Because the PC is the possibility of making exactly that sort of thing.
Create your own things - I love it!

And now that I have models like Garrus, Kasumi, and (especially) Liara … I miss one very important thing. ( Mass Effect 2 Characters ) My own Shepard Modell from the game.
Not the standard Modell/Skin. No, i want to have exactly the modell i build in the game.

But … and here’s the problem … how do I do that? Is it even possible?
Those are my questions … I hope that a pro can answer me these questions and can help me achieve this goal.
I would buy the game and all the addons for PC if there is a way to get my own Shepard Modell in Garrys Mod ( So that
i can say:" Thats me! Yes! Exactly like in Mass Effect!")

Last but not least:

  1. Sorry for my bad english ( I´m from germany ^^ )
  2. Please reply via Skype, ICQ, or (at best) on Steam - I’m not a Forum Friend …

I hope someone can help me!

( Is it normal that i can not find Models and Texture Files in the Mass Effect 2 Folder Oo … ?! )

Please, do not make fun/shit of this Thread, it is really important to me …

You should be able to port the models from Mass Effect 2 using…Google.

Would be far better if you had posted this in the models and skins section. But to cut things short.

In a sense it is possible but requires some work. The self designed models are actually not in the game files but instead use one generic mesh which is then deformed. What you have to do is load the game under DX9, and use a program called DXripper. This will allow you to capture the geometry of the head which can then be used.

And yes no textures or meshes being in the directories is completely normal since that’s standard for UE3 based games. All cooked packages tend to be in one directory.

Last bit - I doubt anyone will reply to the methods you mentioned.