My shitty deathrun made by the losers; FuriousJack95 and KillerLua

Don’t Trust these guys to get stuff done for you

I paid them and they gave the excuse “I’m Busy”

Seriously which is more important, working on a paying client’s work, or, working on your website…

But yeah dont trust these bags of shit


Why would you trust them anyways?

Seriously, look into who you’re paying (to do what, by the way?) before you give out the cash.

They had Lua King ratings in mind blowing amounts. so i added them

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mark is viewing this… fuck off mark i want my 20 dollars back from you scamming me

Take it to a private chat. We can’t help you for your mistakes. I’m sorry.

what private chat, you asked me a question so i answered it…

Found your problem, also some of them were probably sarcastic ratings.

Camcole1 is on my ignore list, oh god, so not worth “viewing his post”… wtf are you doing cole? Every time I turn around you’re doing something completely stupid…

He was referring to…

I remember other people doing the same thing to kids. I won’t say any names though… Anyways, don’t you kids ever learn?

Well Some of lua king ratings with legit contents are can be trusted. But shit loads of lua ratings without contents or shitty contents are can not be trusted. Half of this is your fault camcole.
You should be more careful. You have really thin ear. :v:

And hiring a really awsome coder is costs a lot. If you wanna make community like sass, you should pay over 100 for that. Also good coder is must available.

Anyway dramaunlimited thingy is really bad sorry for that

I don’t understand why Camecole1’s not banned yet. He spammed facepunch chat with idiotic questions and got angry at the people who tried to help him, and this is at least the third post he’s made that’s completely asinine as well.

Also, isn’t this for gamemode help, and gamemode releases? Not the section to rant about a fellow member/Facepuncher.

Well camcole, The deathrun gamemode apparently had everything you wanted(according to Furious) and you kept whining to them to add stuff without paying them, when they said you would have to pay more to get more stuff put in, and the gamemode isnt shitty, and KillerLUA and Furious arent losers.

If you want something, ask nicely, dont be a douche


KillerLUA’s computer broke down, which was unfortunate, but you know what? Shit happens, I told you that I was working on it and that KillerLUA would be able to code the gamemode in less then 4 hours if you gave him time, but you couldn’t wait a week, you had to have it now.

A note to anyone who wants to sell to camcole1: You shouldn’t think of it, he will just leak what you have of your gamemode if you don’t complete it on time, and threaten to DDoS you/your community, isn’t that right?

Because we were recieving massive bandwidth spikes after camcole got angry, I don’t think it was a coincidence because all of our servers except Apache was down anyway, so it couldn’t have been someone getting banned, it was just you, being the bitch you are.

A quick note to everyone: If the forums/servers or I am down, its probably camcole1.

Furious, aren’t you that one guy that came on my server and claimed I stole your code for my gamemode?

Okay firstly sir, is there something wrong with you? You pay these guys 20USD$ for a Gamemode??? Thats way too little for a gamemode, what the fuck were you expecting? Then you bug them because it’s not good enough. Bitch you gave them 20$. Regardless of who these guys are and, they all have proven they know “lua”, Thats just plain stupid.

This thread should be moved to the bottom of the forums with it’s untrue title removed. It kind of gives me and FuriousJack95 a bad image. Even though we haven’t done anything wrong.

It’s a $20 script that could be pulled out of any decent coders ass anyway, not saying it’s bad, but it’s not drama unlimited material.

I definitely think you two screwed up really bad…

Who’d code ANYTHING for cam cole, honestly.

So you accept money for piles of crap and expect to come out of it with a decent reputation?