my shitty tutorial on making muzzleflashes

so some guy pm’d me asking me how to make muzzleflashes and since I was too lazy to write a page guiding him to it I made this shitty tutorial

you can make it so much better than the example if you put your mind to it.

credit to chestymcgee who actually informed me about this method a few months ago

wow thanks for this
i was really stumped on how to make muzzleflashs

That’s some helpful shit.

credit to Vman who actually informed me about this method a few months ago

-snip- Ninja’d (Damn you chesty)

Also, nice “tutorial” It reminds me of those “How To Draw” books…

Just start drawing a rose, keep drawing a rose, There! You drew a perfect rose!

Great tutorial.

This was some helpful shit.


thats some solid shit right here

Where to get the smokebrushshit.

Shit, that’s good shit, I gotta try this shit out some shitday.

The over use of the word shit lost it’s funny after the first photoshit.

Shit. You have no humor.

You create your own from a picture with smoke in it or you search for one on Deviantart for example.

not very shitty, it’s awesome :slight_smile:


I should have gave you a wrench, but I lol’ed too much reading the tutorial.
Have a funny.

Really nice tutorial.

Nice tutorial

good and funny

Could you give a link to the brush pack?