My Simple Ideas

#1. -House building-
> Shutters for windows
> Larger Foundations (example: 1 large foundation is = to 4 small foundations<cost the same too>)
> Torches that you stick on the wall (I have like 9 campfires in my tower it gets annoying after the first one)

Reason: Disco enjoys the night walks and banditly activity but Disco finds alots of huge foundations. everytime disco goes and raids neighbors he always finds foundations thats are several of them clustered in one spot, it would but much neater if the foundations could vary in size. Disco also finds alot of people using sorcery on doors and and makes them into window doors, yet disco still cannot find out how they do this.

Edit Reason: Disco Does not like his several amounts of Fireplaces

#2. -WildLife-
> Elephants (Produces ivory which could be used for spears arrows and stuff maybe some traps)
> Territorial Wolfpacks (Not trying to make it realistic but i would like to encounter larger amounts of wolfs)
> Mice & Rats (they could spoil food perhaps which will make the game a bit harder to survive)
> Dogs (Maybe Possibly we could tame the and train them)

Reason: Disco likes wild animals, especially elephants.

#3. -Zed’s-
> More variety (I’ve seen the same zambie 9 times in 1 hour)
> Random Herds of Zeds walking in fields (will make players think for awhile on how to avoid them)

Reason: Disco enjoys killing Zeds but Disco only finds one, two or maybe three together. Disco would like to see HUNDREDS(jk) maybe 15 zeds together, Disco has seen the exact zed he killed 9 seconds ago wearing the same close.

#4. -Food-
> Chicken Breast (Yes, we all know pigs do not drop Chicken. although it maybe nice but i’m sorry to tell you this but pigs are not birds)
> Apple Trees (Grow-able. It would provide a nice stable entry maybe make them produce food every once in while but only on certain seasons)
> Berry bushes (some poisonous some editable)

Reason: Disco wonders around looking for some food but disco only gets chicken meat, maybe Disco would like some bacon.

#5. -Seasons-
> Add seasons(explains its self)

Reason: Disco likes the cold.

Zed swill be replaced by something a lot more interesting.

Thanks for your input, Disco enjoys others input

I enjoy how disco talks to himself in the thirdperson.

Disco wonders what you are talking about Richtofen.


It’s too early for this. More animals, more food sources, more building structures will be added once the game is stable. Right now, the priority to-do-list can be found here:

Baby steps, my friend.

Disco takes everything fast, Don’t tell him how fast he should go. Although Disco does think he is scurrying to fast down the add road

Disco is drunk.

Disco is not drunk and Disco did not allow you to use him name in third person.

I like some of these. I would add that their should be a variety of window shutters.

  1. Josey Whales style cross shutter so you can shoot out of it. (wooden version easy to break, metal version=metal door)
  2. Metal bars (hard to destroy, can see out really well but can’t climb in)
  3. Simple open and close, can’t see out. (these would be the most difficult to destroy, maybe animate a crossbar behind them)

Come to think of it, I’d like to be able to improve the strength of my doors with crossbars or braces. This seems perfectly reasonable for Rust.

Ricky Henderson, is that you?

Hi, Disco.

I like your suggestions.

I think we also need fireplaces for our houses! For example:


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