My Six Year Old Brother's Adventures in Garry's Mod

One fine day about a year ago, my (then) 5 year old brother decided to play the wonderful game known as Garry’s mod. Fast forward to today and I am sifting through his chat logs finding chats such as this wonderful beauty

He is of course “hardy is the best” as he is into cocksucking as admins as hard as he can in order to become an admin himself. This can be seen about half way through when he changes his name to “TA1P IS GRAT”

Since most of this chat is a load of shit, I’ll paste the highlights:

Remember that this boy is 6 years old, god knows where he’s gotten all of this from. Likely all of the other youngins on garry’s mod.



not only did he give away my facebook, my sister’s facebook, our home phone number and address as well as spend 15 dollars of my dad’s paypal money, almost disclosing his paypal account information which is linked to his savings credit card and bank account, he also sent them pictures of himself with his shirt off.

In addition, some of the notable steam groups he joined were:
States of the confederacy
National Neo-Nazi Party
and of course, 4chan

do not let your young brother play gmod, have a nice day


this man is now calling our home phone number continuously but i refuse to answer and my dad keeps picking up and yelling profanities at him

Both him and the owner seem a bit immature. Still cringe worthy chat.

immature is a bit of an understatement

i’d be fucked if the 16 year old server owner is older than 12

Oh god, i got that server owner dude on my friends list for some reason

:ohdear: :wtc:

Me too :ohdear:

HAHA THAT WAS ME XD what a noob

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im not calling you… liar

I saw him on my friends server the other day asking for admin with the name “i like [MG] Jakfrost” (Jak owns the server).

So you’re little brother just goes to a server, finds the head admin/owner and sucks up to them? Like a complete moron? This kid is the most ignorant, idiotic, and has the worst grasp of English I have ever seen from a first-languager. (grammar? considering I was bashing language use it would be good to know.)

Who here was this stupid when they were five? Probably not many. When I was five I was a good little boy and played single player games on my console. Don’t let kids under ten go online is my general rule.

yes hes talked about that

this all makes me want to cry

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oh god it is you

fake and gay, 6 yr olds cant type that well or even spell that well, they’re still in kindergarden too, you’re a dumbass.

1:09 PM - TA1P ChubZz [SERVER/CLAN OWNER]: tim williamson?
1:09 PM - TA1P ChubZz [SERVER/CLAN OWNER]: tom*

missed a spot


6 year olds shouldn’t be playing multiplayer chat games in the first place. Much less Garry’s Mod. Lil’ kids are so naive, I tell you.

you are the dumbass sir

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You’re all dumb-asses.

He should be playing that Penguin Scape or club or what ever not Garrys Mod.

I stopped after

This reminds me of

Lol okay hopefully he will be scared and not go anywhere in life.

jesus you’re dense

not my name

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i could not agree more. i bet shit like this doesn’t happen on club penguin or runescape

I don’t know anymore, where I live they teach them all that, and they don’t even have half days anymore…