my smg1 and hl2 hunter is fucked up

hello i need help my my smg 1 and hunter is screwed up if u can help me let me know. ok so i downloaded the halo stuff model pack from i extracted all the folders (models,lua,materials, etc.) but now when i play a game my hl2 hunter uses the halo hunter model and my smg1 looks like a halo assault rifle without the textures so its pink n black and it screws up the world model 2 so when i give an npc a smg hes holding nothing and the turret tool for the tool gun dosent show either so how do i fix this

You need to make sure the textures are in the right place for the pink and black, no idea whats up with the invisible models. To get rid of them remove the halo models, anything named “v_” or “w_” “smg” or “toolgun” delete them from your models and materials folders, and they should revert to the originals.

OR just go in and delete the conflicting model in the GMOD folder. I had this error too when I used the Halo pack, although I used it before Episode 2, and it just messed up my SMG.