My Solution for The Key & Lock System

Hi everybody,
So my Idea in a short Read

Tier 1.
The Key and Lock that we have at the moment is staying like it is because its supposed to be crap

Tier 2.
Scanner Card. It opens all Doors in your House with that Card where the scanner is attached.

Tier 3.
“The Handcode” The Guy who build it can give authority to people that they can use it dont requires any Key type Item.

So that my Rough explanation of it.

Thanks for Reading
Sry for my English

tier 2 is actually less secure than tier 1 if you lose the card. Right now having multiple keys means losing 1 only compromises that door.

Also, you are missing combo locks.

I would say tier 2 should be a booby trapped door system. Since losing a key is bad, you need to give a reason NOT to use it. If you have a door with 3 keys holes… and 2 of them kill you, people might think twice before guessing.

Is it about security or is it about accessibility with your friends?

accessbility but if you combinate those types of doors you would get a safe base

So… I’m going to put away my handmade weapon, change out of my soupcan helmet, sit down next to the basic brick furnace I built in the corner of my stone/metal-reinforced log cabin… and craft a fingerprint scanning device? And then I’m going to program it to recognize other users?

A lot of things need to go into this game before we come close to introducing crude electricity-based appliances, much less computerized ones. Let’s focus on getting the Bronze Age portion of Rust working properly.

So my Idea is Useless because devs are making Concepts for Generators.
Looks like Industrial Age comes closer…
But hey this would be my Idea devs will get behind very soon

pls make a fingerprint or something like that. the key system is so DAMN CRAP.

Man its a Rough Concept imagine youreself putting a card to the door to acess a numpad to press youre code in or somestuff like that

do you know what a fingerprint is?

I think lock booby traps should be next tier.

Like 3 key holes; 1 gets you in, the other 2 kill you.

That’s a pretty good mix having to have an item and knowledge of the door still with plenty of risk of losing your stuff.

A trap that harms or kills has minimal impact on a legitimate raid… a sleeping bag 5 feet away solves that issue, unless you’re raiding a base with the person inside.

A trap that destroyed the key if you got it wrong would be interesting. But that’s sort of like making a combination lock OUT OF the key-based lock.

You’re right, it should kill you then destroy the key :slight_smile:

My solution to the key problem is just to remove this system.

Just make doors possible to open by your self and all you give access to. Create a gui for this and GG.

But keys will forever destroy this game for casual players. Doing so will kill the game in the end.

Solo players are fucked because they can’t farm more stuff because if they get out of the house someone steal your key and then your house. Equals startover.

Team players with huge houses and defensive structures to hide stuff from getting raided, will just have a hell with all keys. One combined key for all doors will just make it easier to just kill one clear the house of all sleeping players and bags and the house is yours. Equals startover.

Keys is Rust’s JarJar Binks

You seem to think that losing your house should not be an option in Rust, it is. You will fail and have to start over. That is just Rust.

Well wiered this was not implemented in the first version.

Wiered that the most servers with the most players in Rust had addon that accualy did this…

But well we don’t want anyone playing this game so…

Actually this was in Legacy Rust; you can destroy somebody’s doors and put up your own, and technically their base is yours now.

i don’t personally, but most people seem to think that is griefing;) though admittedly unless you can get c4, in legacy a metal door kind of is XD

The difference is in legacy it took some kind of effort. You had to gather resources, blueprints etc

Now all you need is a rock, or to camp outside someones house and kill them when they come out

Legacy rust took effort to do most things, reboot rust takes effort to prevent people from doing those things with no effort.