my SOURCE SDK doesnt allow me to edit things.

i installed SOURCE SDK to make maps and etc. in garrrysmod but i cant because it says ‘missing gameinfo.txt’

Make-sure you run Half-Life 2, Episode 1 or Episode 2 once before you start up hammer.

so i need to have the game i plan on editing on THEN go to source SDK

No, you just have to run the game once so it creates a GameInfo.txt. You don’t need to have the game running in the back-ground.

E: it’s late so sorry if i fail to make sense, just read this: lol

i have played half-life 2(all games) alot i have unistalled and reinsttalled source sdk many times. also this may be unimportant but i bought half-liife 2 via orange box

EDIT: i am currently (11:56 PM central time) un- then re- installing source SDK and HL2 so i hope this works

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I FIXED IT!!!11!!111111!!! now all i need to know is how to edit

Great another mapper who’s gonna think that a hollowed out brick box with a light and blood decals is a map.

Never release your first map, NEVER.

chances are i may never release a map. i just like having the possibility of doing so. plus it just annoyed me that i couldn’t do shit with my source SDK